Micro WTI Crude Oil futures - LAUNCH

CME Micro Crude Oil futures (MCL) only $1.00 per tick

On July 12, 2021*, Micro WTI Crude Oil futures will give traders of all sizes a smaller, more precise instrument for managing crude oil price exposure. At 1/10 the size of the benchmark WTI futures contract, Micro WTI Crude Oil futures offers the same robust transparency and price discovery of larger WTI futures with smaller margin requirements.

*Pending regulatory review

CME Micro Crude Oil Exchange-traded Futures contracts are available to trade starting Sunday Market Open: July 11, 2021 - 5pm Chicago (CST)

  • Micro WTI Crude Oil futures (MCL)

MetaTrader 5 Commissions (all fees included) for AMP Global (Europe) Customers!

Exchange Fee $0.50
CQG Order Routing Fee $0.10
NFA $0.02
AMP Clearing Fee $0.05

Total per Side $0.67

Day Trade Margins: https://www.ampglobal.com/exchange_traded_futures/margins_requirements.html

  • Micro Crude Oil : MCL = $132.50

AMP Account Minimum to get started is only $100.

Example Current Front Month Contract(s) - August 2021 > Micro Crude Oil : MCLQ21

CME - Crude Oil Contact Specifications

We work as a 24 hour support team. Everyone is fully trained in all AMP platforms/services.

If you need any assistance, please contact our 24 hour help desk in real-time via Live CHAT:  https://www.ampglobal.com/contact.html

Happy Trading!


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