Developing A Traders Mindset with Coach Robin Dayne (Live Webinar - Recording)

Wednesday, November 20th 2019 - 700 PM (EET) - Original Event date/time

Coach Robin Dayne will cover the psychological aspects of managing trades from start to finish. Trading comes down to the ability to manage one’s mindset, self-talk, and confidence that is the foundation of a good solid approach. The ability to read the market and not to hope, wish and pray, needs to translate into knowing. Thoughts can work for or against our desired outcomes. Most people lack the skill set to turn around the most powerful thing we own “our mind” and need this guidance. Learning what to watch for can prepare a trader avoiding a blow-up or losing streak helping them realize a faster recovery. Having specific tools and techniques can improve a trader’s bottom-line results.

This is NOT a charting or technical analysis is all about developing the Trader's Mind.

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